Mopar Links of Interest

The following are some of the Escalante family's favorite Mopar links:

Galen Govier - GTS - decoding and authentication of Mopar VINs, fender tags, and broadcast sheets; Chrysler registry; visual inspections, validations, and appraisals; and Mopar consultant.

Juan Pablo Montoya - Official Site - not Mopar, but the best F1 driver and Escalante family favorite!

Mopar Collector's Guide - The official website for Mopar Collector's Guide magazine.

Mopar Muscle Magazine - The official website for Mopar Muscle Magazine.

Mopar Nationals - The official website for the Mopar Nationals. - Mopar Q&A board, classified section, tech archives, club info, and more.

Mr. Norms - The website for the legendary Grand Spaulding Dodge Mr. Norm's Sport Club.

Jorge Nicolini Automotive Collection - an automotive museum in Lima, Peru and home to a wonderful collection of cars assembled by Jorge Nicolini.

Restorations by Rick Kreuziger - Rick Kreuziger (RestoRick) Mopar restorations to gold OE certified levels. - Mopar's Infamous Hemi; tech info, registry, classifieds, news, and more.